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I’d like to add a few words of explanation:

1. Writing the comic, I wanted most of the characters’ names to be similar in both language versions, which is why I compromised Don Quijote and Rocinante and used the original spanish spelling. Most of the other names either are multinational, like Saul, Oriole, Lyonesse, or sound similar, like Amadeus(z). Furia is a polish word for fury and I used it because I think it sounds badass.
Simon is the only one who got two different names – he is Szymon in the translation.

2. Rocinante is Don Quijote’s horse from the books. Our hero, being created partly by the book, naturally chose the name.

3. The idea of names holding power over what they describe is old and often used in fantasy. In my mind it mostly reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s work, which was a huge inspiration for me in creating the comic so I decided to use it here.