The comic is complete.

When was it updated?

I updated the comic twice a week in years 2006-10 and then after a hiatus in 2012-13.

What is it about?

It’s about magic, music and mystery. A story about a girl from a big city who one day finds out she has aquired an old house in a far away place. Accompanied by a friend only she seems to see, Raina set out on a journey to find out where did the message, the key and all this fuss come from.

She is soon going to find out that some monsters are real and that unexpected gifts bring unexpected trouble.

Who is the author?

My name is Konrad Okoński and I draw A Quartz Bead. I also practice a variety of weird sports and used to work as a concept artist. I studied graphics and animation at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts and have finished it with a Master of Arts degree.

What do the colours of the comic signify?

The story is painted in sepia and grey tones but there are some moments, when more vivid colours come into play. Every time that happens it means that whatever took place was unnatural or supernatural.
The characters will most likely never mention it, so for your better understanding i can hint, that blue colours are used for humans with superhuman abilitiies (usually some kind of creation) and red tones signify the use of evil in nature, demonic power (which logically involves destruction).