This is it! The end of Stick in the Mud. It’s a weird feeling to end it, because it’s not a comic that was designed to have an end. Not only could there be another volume or several, but you can be sure the characters are living their lives beyond the span of the comic and the lives they live don’t get any easier.

However! No matter if anyone likes it or not, the comic is now over, apart from an additional non-canon ending I’m drawing and releasing sometime soon (because there’s a saying in Polish that every stick has two ends and I’m taking it literally).
On Thursday Stick in the Mud will be exactly 7 years old and it ends on the same day of the year it started (Nov 26th and this wasn’t planned 😛 ). I would like to thank you for reading and your support!

The Patreon will be changing its form starting this next month, from a SITM-supporting device to a behind-the-scenes vehicle for my next comic, which will start publication in about a year. I will make another post about this in a couple days! I will also start a crowdfunding campaign to print the remaining three volumes of SITM in Polish and re-print vol 1 and it will be starting in December!

No more new strips! This is the end. But not the end of my comics, just the end of Stick in the Mud.

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