The cast:

a_badyl Rod – is a not-yet-a-thirty-year-old, who spent the last couple of years building with Raven a house of cards which now went down in flames. Rod likes things sure and stable. Has a sister who embodies just the opposite.
Rod owns the “Rod’s” bar, which is  often called “Stick In The Mud” by people.
a_janek John – Rod’s sister. Works until fired. Eats beer for breakfast. Is a very enthusiastic, but terrible D-J.
Is a very enthusiastic, but terrible human being.
a_paula Paula – was born to fall asleep in random spots. Favourite animal – snail. Her dreadlocks would make for a fully functional helmet shpuld she ever want to ride a motorcycle. Paula does not ride a motorcycle.
a_kisiel Jellybean – is a man of magical charisma and extremely selective luck. Student. Not allowed to drink certain kinds of alcohol.
a_pan The Man In A Hat – wears a hat.
a_misiek Mike – a friend of Rod’s. Knew him as Raven’s boyfriend.
a_lamia Lamia – is an inexperienced succubus with a great passion for her work.
a_jan John Mary Bacon – member of the order of the true human race.
a_czarna Raven – Rod’s ex-girlfriend. Their breakup kicks-off the comic. Very important ex-person in Rod’s life.
a_maks Max – a common friend of Rod’s and John’s.