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In Poland there are practically no colleges you pay for- all the main schools are free of charge (like community colleges in the US if I’m not mistaken).
Therefore there is a very high social pressure to attend some sort of college, even if someone has no clear idea what they’d like to study.

To be fair, there are some of my friends who studied a few years of one course and then switched to another- making many friends along the way and broadening their horizons. Which is awesome in its own way.

Rod, like very few of my friends, has skipped college altogether. Missed out on campus life, but gained maturity and work experience.

I guess there is no one correct path for everyone and we all do our best with the cards we’re dealt in life. Rod just likes to think he made the right decisions (we all do).

Translation fun fact: in the original, polish version of the strip, Ella suggests English Philology. Since english is a language that is mandatory in most polish schools (and also useful and easy to learn), that course is very popular among people who haven’t figured out their calling in life (may of whom, like one of my friends, find it to be teaching and become great english tutors).
For the translation, I chose Sociology, mostly because of all the jokes about Sociology Majors not being able to find jobs. Sorry, guys!